The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the business world bad and more than 4 billion people around the world are in some form of lockdown. A study from SHRM says that 62% of small businesses have experienced a fall in their returns. To deal with these changes a lot of marketing strategies have to be followed. Unusual hire is a global platform that makes hiring easy and entrepreneurship easy. In the current scenario of this pandemic, freelancing is the first preference of most of the individuals who are willing to do remote work. It is also preferred by most of the businesses and enterprises as they can easily hire the best professionals for dynamic needs.

Once everyone returns to their businesses, they have to follow this “New Normal” to run their business. A sequence of steps is to be made complying with the government guidelines, and ensuring the safety of people.

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  1. Build a flexible supply chain to avoid disruptions

Supply chains will undergo huge transformations the widespread disruptions will either affect or break the supply chains. While the supply issues will be addressed, the contraction of demand will penetrate several industries.

A flexible supply chain not only requires a strategic leader but also input from managers of the traditional supply chain functions. There is a need for a diversified supply chain network to bring in the skill to cope with the current restrictions and future surge. To hire the best professional to maintain the supply chain, visit sites like Unusual Hire. It is a platform to hire individuals for dynamic needs. Many companies operated supply chains only with the limited stock and failed to provide products during the needed time. To avoid this, risk management and mitigation in supply chains must be followed.

  1. Build your online presence

With the on-going pandemic crisis, Businesses have committed to enhance their online presence. This can help build brand recognition and gain credibility. Some Digital initiatives like increased online promotions, online campaigns, and Omnichannel sales will help in building a business online presence. It will help the business to be easily accessible. According to one source, internet hits have surged between 50% and 70% due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To give your businesses online presence a nice boost, the most cost-effective is to hire freelancers for doing this work. The freelancers can register themselves on Unusual Hire and find a project or client they want to work with. Unusual Hire gives them brand recognition as they get good industry experience as well as a good network to expand their presence. 5 must dos to land the best freelancing jobs.

The freelancers can help you with the following:

  • Building a webpage for sending your message to target customers.
  • Optimize your business website for mobile
  • Create valuable content
  • Do some SEO research
  • Incorporate keywords on your website pages
  • Engage in online communities and forums
  1. Build a safe environment at work

Post the COVID-19 pandemic, when the people emerge from quarantine and work-from-home, they will possibly have a fear about workplace health and safety. The places in which they work, will be viewed through different lens like – Is the air in this building filtered? Are there proper hand-washing facilities? How clean this place is?

Employers and managers must prioritize the employees’ safety, and comfort. The following strategies and measures can be followed to build a safe environment:

  • To maintain the safety of employees, remote work is the best option. Unusual Hire is a platform where businesses can hire professionals easily for dynamic needs and maintain the safety at workplace.
  • There should be a series of checkpoints testing at the offices.
  • Installation of negative air-pressure systems to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Conduct air quality assessments, and create air-quality awareness.
  • Educate all occupants in proper hand-washing practices.
  • Manage remediation and cleaning of contaminated workplaces and sites.
  1. Restructure your talent pool

Talent pools are groups of employees who are being trained to be identified as high-performing and to develop employees in areas that align with company competencies and values.

A survey conducted by EY found that in 2016, 18% of the workforce at mid-market companies (with turnover of $100m to $5b) was contingent, a figure projected to reach 20% by 2020. At big companies (turnover above $5b), those numbers are 16% and 19%, respectively. Some other surveys showed that 42% of the freelancers in India are doing high skilled work. Visit sites like Unusual Hire, Upwork, etc… to hire freelancers.

Creating a talent takes some planning and here are some steps to follow:

  • Review the organizational strategies.
  • Hire skilled freelancers instead of full time employees who need to be trained.
  • Create modules or groups of activities to help employees learn the skills
  • Hire freelancers to downsize the team.
  • Cut down on costs with the help of freelancers


  1. Be prepared for black swan events 

 Black Swans have one foreseeable characteristic – they have a multinational impact if not global impact. Does that mean they require global responses? Is there a role for business leaders, especially those in global organizations, to work together on proactive contingency planning?

The cooperation between government and business is important. Planning for Black Swan events has to be well-adjusted against the demands for short-term results as it may be a fruitless effort.

The corporate is making a continuous effort to brand the COVID-19 pandemic as a black swan. The economy has taken a back seat and the enterprises are out of money, so in this case to run the business hiring freelancers is the best and the most cost-effective method. Unusual Hire is one such platform where the businesses and hire freelancers easily for their dynamic hiring needs.