Are you searching for developers or designers and do you want to better understand which TopTal alternatives are out there? We will examine TopTal alternatives in this article to help you find out whether a freelance developer platform will fit your needs best. There are several sites nowadays where you can employ a developer or a development team. Unusual Hire, Gigster, Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancer. Space is among these. The difficulty lies in deciding which platform can best serve your needs!

Although the market has millions of developers available, it can be very difficult to find the right one. There is a reliable developer you can find? How do you know if they are eligible for your project to be completed? If we speak Unusual Hire it is perfect for freelance marketplaces to find new talent and future candidates. The industry is seen rising dramatically with the increase in the scope of freelancing.

Here are platforms that provide freelancing services. It will help you to get skilled freelancers for your project.


If you want to recruit the top 3% of the talent, then TopTal is the way to go.

While freelancers are a bit more costly on their site than Upwork, individuals are among the best at what they’re doing they will get the job done and do it well.

TopTal is a forum for freelancers that link start-ups and corporations with software developers, designers, and consultants. TopTal aims to become an exclusive platform for top freelance developers of applications, designers, and specialists in finance.

For any size of the company and the most common tech stacks, the platform claims to deliver high-quality freelance talent. They make sure both of them read and write English to help customers handle their freelancers.

Top Expense Overall

Hourly: between $60-$95+/hour

Part-time: about $1,000-$1,600+/week

Full-time: $2,000-$3,200+/week


Freelancer provides more freelancers than Upwork with access. You also get to post design competitions where post design work is performed by freelancers from all over the world and you award the designer whose job you like best.


When testing Fiverr, the first thing that comes to mind is the price. As its name suggests, Fiverr is a website where clients can find professionals to work for $5 on smaller orders. Project prices on Fiverr might go well beyond this rate. Fiverr houses several contractors employed in creative and digital media fields, so Fiverr could be your first place to look if you need someone for this type of job.


Upwork has over 5 million customers and 12 million freelancers, so you can find almost everything on it, be it longer or shorter projects, entry-level work, or even technical consultancy work. Upwork acquired its stature because it was one of the first to offer businesses the ability to employ remote employees. This does not, however, guarantee the quality of their freelancers, nor does the site provide anything in the way of support or resources for management. Both of these factors are going to be a profound concern for client companies.

 TopTal alternatives – Are they better?

Upwork v/s Unusual Hire

Upwork is one of the biggest and oldest freelance sites in the world. Officially known as oDesk, after it combined with Enlace a few years ago, the platform underwent a major revamp. The platform is now the go-to website for freelancers since it serves as a marketplace for freelancers of all abilities and careers.

The Upwork model is a standardized method, meaning that developers are linked to customers, after which customers are solely responsible for the vetting, recruitment, and execution of management processes, etc.

Upwork hosts all hourly and per-project payment options, much like Uncommon Recruit.

However, Upwork enables freelancers with entry-level expertise to become part of its established group, unlike Unusual Hire, which increases the likelihood of snapping up developers for less money.

This also raises the likelihood of issues related to novice developers, however. Often the risk of property theft is greater.

TopTal v/s Unusual Hire

TopTal is one of the most costly, compared with other alternatives to Uncommon Hire. Although Unusual Hire links companies at a low cost with a wide range of freelancers, TopTal connects them at a high cost with a limited range of freelancers.

You would not have to worry about scams or even low-quality work with Unusual Hire, making it much safer and less risky. It’s not just the top ability you’re paying for; it’s the higher confidence and a better service guarantee.

Fiverr v/s Unusual Hire

Freelancers create profiles and show who they are and the services they can offer on the website by taking the conventional freelance marketplace and breaking it down into fewer chunks.

If you’d like to get high-quality jobs completed and have a decent budget, then you can go with Fiverr. Compared to Unusual Hire, Fiver also makes design competitions where the prize money for the best entry is awarded.

Gigster v/s Unusual Hire

While compared to freelance production sites like Unusual Hire, Gigster has one specific selling point.

While the platform matches customers with developers in the same way, it varies in that a project manager is appointed by Gigster to supervise project creation. Throughout the process, the client only interacts with the project manager. This service is not provided by Unusual Hire.

The cost of using Gigster to build a project is higher than using Unusual Hire, considering this additional accountability. Gigster provides a service for price estimation that can be found on its website. Companies must know this is an automated service so that the actual price will differ. 

Hubstaff Talent v/s Unusual Hire

Hubstaff Talent is fairly new and provides a free service. For businesses looking to employ independent freelancers and agencies, it is suitable.

To assess the standard of developers, it does not conduct any manual screening process. Instead, they use tools to align freelancers with assignments and put further emphasis on it.

Unlike Unusual Hire, Hubstaff Talent is a straightforward marketplace that enables consumers, with no mediators, to search developer profiles and contact them directly. It acts more like a directory of freelancers on the site who sign up. It has no special features to assist you in recruiting the best talent for your needs.

 Why are Toptal alternatives required?

Here are the reasons to find Toptal’s alternatives requirement.

  1. Hugely expensive

Toptal’s hourly values ranged from $80 to $200 per hour for recruiting developers. Because of the exorbitant commission rates which TopTal charges, such costs are hugely disproportionate. It will need to price its fees this high because several full-time workers have been adding to its payroll as TopTal has grown. This has undoubtedly resulted in overhead ballooning.

  1. Strict structures

TopTal has restrictive recruiting contracts, even though it has been described as a scalable option for organizations of all sizes. On either 20 or 40 hour weekly contracts, consumers have to recruit with little scope to adjust to their particular requirements.

  1. Poor Customer service

The customer service of TopTal has been frequently criticized. TopTal needs several touch-points with its workers from the initial recruiting meetings to get started with the recruitment process. With the recruiting period taking 1 to 3 weeks, this leads to poor customer service. As a start-up, partnering with a recruitment partner, not an outside agency is what you need.


There are several online sites for recruiting developers, as you can see. Each is distinct and differs in its proposition of value. Unusual Hire provides the best services at the lowest cost. You can easily hire a freelancer for your project; Unusual Hire is helpful for freelancers that they can easily get hired by the clients.